就在一年多前,佛罗里达州瑟夫赛德(Surfside)的一栋12层海滨公寓楼倒塌了,这是佛罗里达州历史上最大的非飓风造成的紧急事件。虽然美国国家标准与技术研究院(National Institute of Standards and Technology)仍在调查倒塌的原因,但人们普遍认为,导致此次坍塌的原因是大楼结构基础存在重大问题。自1981年Surfside大楼建成以来,深基础测试设备和技术的发展突飞猛进。假如在当时施工期间就存在这种颠覆性的结构测试技术,那么能否防止这一灾难性事件发生呢?

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In the race to add features, consumer electronics designers need to innovate—fast.
Such was the case for one of the leading smartwatch manufacturers, who was looking to add more functionality on their next generation model but had no room on the circuit board to accommodate new enabling electronics. The manufacturer realized that the connector critical to enabling the technology took up too much valuable space on a key circuit board and they turned to Molex for help addressing this issue. Having shipped more than forty billion board-to-board micro connectors for mobile devices and wearables since the introduction of the smartphone in 2010, Molex was uniquely qualified to help.

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